Welding & Fabrication

At STM Equipment, we're not just about keeping your existing machinery running smoothly. We also excel in bringing your innovative ideas to life through our comprehensive welding and fabrication services. Our skilled team of certified welders and fabricators possess the expertise and passion to transform your concepts into tangible solutions.

From simple repairs to complex custom projects we specialise in:

  • Metal fabrication

    Steel, aluminum, stainless steel, and more – we work with diverse materials to match your specific needs.

  • Structural welding

    Building robust frames, supports, and structures for various applications.

  • Precision welding

    Delivering meticulous welds for delicate components and demanding projects.

  • Repair and refurbishment

    Giving your existing metal structures a new lease on life.

  • Custom modifications

    Tailoring equipment and components to your exact requirements.

Benefits of Choosing STM Equipment for Your Welding & Fabrication Needs:

Welding & Fabrication FAQs

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  • What metals do you work with?

    We work with a wide range of metals, including steel, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, and more. Contact us to discuss your specific project requirements.

  • Do you offer design services?

    While we primarily focus on fabrication based on your existing designs or specifications, we can collaborate with you to refine and optimise your ideas for optimal results.

  • What is your turnaround time?

    The turnaround time for your project depends on its complexity and scope. We work efficiently to complete your project as quickly as possible while maintaining the highest quality standards.

  • How much does your welding and fabrication cost?

    The cost varies depending on the project’s size, complexity, materials used, and other factors. Contact us for a free quote tailored to your specific needs.

Got a project that needs the magic touch of expert welding and fabrication?

Whether you need a sturdy frame built, delicate components welded with precision, or existing structures given a new lease on life, our team of certified professionals is here to deliver exceptional results.

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In addition to our workshop service capabilities STM Equipment can, with our fleet of fully equipped service vans and technicians, undertake a wide range of regular maintenance tasks as well as providing emergency breakdown response and repair on your site.

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